Esmee McKee CD (DONA)

Certified Birth Doula


"I knew she was there and she just melted into the action, whispering in my ear, reminding me at every turn how strong I was and simply that I could do it"

A new mother, speaking of her doula

During my own pregnancy, some six years ago, I

became obsessed with all things regarding a woman's

journey to motherhood.  I read every book I could get

my hands on!  I couldn't learn enough about the

amazing miracle that we call Birth. Becoming a mother

was the single most incredible event of my lifetime and 

I wanted every woman to feel as loved and supported

as I did.

Several years later, during my sister's pregnancy, I found myself wanting to help her every step of the way.  I provided her with books and birthing knowledge, remained steadfast by her side during her entire labor and delivery, and was with her whenever she needed me during her postpartum period.  Without realizing it, I was her doula.  

Over the years my passion for pregnancy and birth has grown even stronger.  I love to fill my bookshelves and my brain with birthing information. In 2016 I took DONA International Doula training courses, childbirth classes, breastfeeding courses, learned prenatal massage and studied comfort techniques for laboring women. I have attended all kinds of births...completely natural, premature, emergency cesarean, planned cesarean, and induced births. All births are beautiful and all birthing mothers deserve to be supported and cared for during this most significant time. 

 After a true labor of love, I became a Certified doula through DONA International in the spring of 2017.  Please feel welcomed to contact me to set up a free consultation!

 Doula Services

As a Certified Professional Doula I promise to provide unbiased support, remain positive and encouraging, and strive to maintain a calm and peaceful birth environment!


Two Prenatal Visits:First prenatal visit will be held within 8-10 weeks of the birthing mother's due date.  Second prenatal visit will be held within 2-4 weeks of the birthing mother's due date. I will visit your home, assist in creating a birth plan, practice helpful pain management techniques to use during labor, learn how to best breastfeed or bottle-feed baby, and discuss personal and emotional aspects of labor.  I will learn about the birthing mother's and partner's desires for labor and delivery, and also discuss any fears or emotions regarding birthing.  

Continuous Support During Labor and Delivery: The birthing mother, or partner, may contact me at any point during labor when she feels her doula's presence is needed. I  will provide continuous support throughout labor and delivery and for several hours postpartum. I will also take birth photos, only at Client's request.  

One Postpartum Visit: I will visit the mother's home within the first week postpartum. I will offer a written recount of labor and delivery (a birth time-line), also photos (if requested). I will also provide the family with a list of local resources.  During mother's postpartum period I will provide on-call support any day, any time.   

On-call Support: I may be contacted at ANY TIME for any reason before and after birthing.  


Please feel free to contact Esmee anytime via email, text or call




 doula is the birthing world's equivalent of a fairy godmother!

Research has proven that doula support can help to improve the birth and postpartum outcomes for both mother and baby.

When a doula is present during labor/delivery the following statistics apply:

60% decrease is request for epidurals

50% decrease in cesarean deliveries

40% decrease in oxytocin (synthetic) use

30% decrease in request for pain medication

25% shorter labors


(Research by Dr. Klaus and Dr. Kennel)

Doula Facts